Chop House Creations

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Steak Oscar
Twin 4-ounce Tenderloin filets topped with blue crab, béarnaise and asparagus, served with
our jalapeño and cheddar mashed potatoes

Bone-In Ribeye
An 18-ounce cowboy cut Ribeye, served with a baked potato and market vegetables

Black Cherry Pork Tenderloin
Succulent pork tenderloin dusted in chili spice, grilled to temperature, topped with a black cherry-balsamic glaze and served with our roasted red potatoes and sautéed green beans


Orange and Bourbon Salmon
A grilled 8-ounce filet of fresh Atlantic Salmon basted with our orange and bourbon bbq sauce, and served with our rice pilaf and grilled asparagus

Colorado Lamb Chops
Twin double-boned true Colorado lamb chops, lightly seasoned, grilled and served with
mulled port wine jelly, roasted baby potatoes and market vegetables

Red Pepper Chicken
An 8-ounce chicken breast grilled to perfection, topped with a roasted red pepper sauce, and served over sautéed zucchini noodles and our cheddar-jalapeno mashed potatoes

Cold Water Lobster Tails
Twin 4-ounce Lobster Tails, butter braised, with cheddar and jalapeño mashed potatoes and
market vegetables

Ahi Pasta alla Vodka
Our fresh Hawaiian Ahi Tuna, sliced black olives, capers, and cavatappi pasta tossed in a tomato-vodka sauce and served with garlic bread$25

Hickory Smoked Quail
Twin semi-boneless quails, grilled, hickory smoked and served with an orange- Maker's Mark bourbon barbecue sauce, grilled jumbo asparagus and our chipotle laced sweet mashed potatoes

Braised St Louis Style Ribs
Tender slow braised St Louis Style Ribs, finished on the grill, smothered in our homemade barbeque sauce, and served with chipotle laced mashed sweet potatoes and market vegetables
Half Rack: $20 Full Rack: $30

Grand Marnier Scallops
Four jumbo sea scallops pan-seared, served over rice pilaf and sautéed spinach, and topped with a Grand Marnier cream sauce $38

Add a 4-ounce Lobster Tail to any Chop House Creation

Trapper's Chop House

Located atop the Holiday Inn southeast of E-470 and Parker Road Intersection

19308 Cottonwood Drive
Parker, CO 80138

Hours: 4:30pm daily

Phone: 303-248-2132

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